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Ballooning in TournaiHello, we are a Belgian company specialised in hot air balloon rides for passengers. We perform our ballooning trips in the surroundings of a lot of cities in Belgium, one of them is the beautiful city of Tournai!

Please discover together with us the wonderful city of Tournai! We know this area very well and we can be your guide: we perform sightseeing tours. You will discover a lot of hidden places in the Tournai area, where you would never come without a balloon.

We have more than 20 years of experience. Each flight is a real "arrangement". We finish each balloon ride with a nice glass of champagne. Each balloon flight is for us a real "VIP flight". Our company has a fleet of 7 balloons of different sizes: this makes that we can fly with all sizes of groups, and that the time between booking and flying is very short.


We make our balloon rides each day of the year, if the weather forecast is ok. The best time of the year is from March to the beginning of November.

You choose the day on which you want to make the flight. We look in our agenda if we have places left. We are a flexible company.

We can (due to the thermals) make only two flights in a day: in the morning (just after sunrise) or in the evening (before sunset). You can check the timings for a balloon ride in Belgium on this page: timings for hot air balloon rides in Tournai.

Price / rates

The rates for a hot air balloon trip in Tournai depend on the size of your group. We offer hot air balloon rides from 1 to ... people.

The price for 1 person is 150 euro. If you book for more people the price per passenger becomes cheaper. You can have a look on our separate page for more detailled prices: Prices balloon rides.

We also offer gift vouchers.

Flight program

How the hot air balloon arrangement in Tournai will look like:

  • meeting with the passengers;
  • proposal of the hot air balloon, the pilot, the chase crew and the chase vehicle;
  • a short safety breefing;
  • inflation of the hot air balloon (if you want you can assist us);
  • take-off;
  • a hot air balloon ride of minimum 1 hour in the Tournai area;
  • landing;
  • packing of the balloon;
  • debreefing with champagne (or other drinks);

Contact us

There are different ways to contact us for a hot air balloon ride in the Tournai area:

Barzestraat 45
B-8531 HULSTE (Harelbeke)



Or fill in this form:

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Weather forecast for Tournai for the next days

Do you wish to know the weather forecast for Tournai for the next days, please look at the meteogram below:

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Passengers tell:

The landscape in Belgium is amazing. I did not think to see so much green.